About Us

In November in the year 2010, The College of Forensic Pathologists of Sri Lanka celebrated 10 years of its existence. We as members of our College and our families along with rest of the Sri Lankan population of nearly 20 million entered the second millennium with great hopes and aspirations for the well-being of all of us. Today we have entered the second decade of the new millennium with all hopes lost, in utter despair with a picture of ‘gloom’ not only for us and our children but for the entire “innocent law-abiding ordinary citizens of our country”.


Our Vision is to inspire forensic pathologists to search for the truth through science and nurture the future of the field using new knowledge and innovation.


Our Mission is to deliver the quality assured public service, assist the administration of fair justice, uplift the value of forensic medicine, and inspire the new generation.

Past Presidents

Dr. N. D. N. Asela Mendis
Prof. Anuruddhi Edirisinghe
Dr. Handun Wijewardena
Dr. Clifford Perera
Dr. S. Siva Subramanium
Dr. Ajith Tennakoon